Are You Insta Hair Famous?

Are You Insta Hair Famous?

Are You Insta Hair Famous?

When I first started my career in 1993, I clearly remember people telling me what they read in various fashion magazines. The big issue with that was when Cosmo said long hair was in, but then Marie Claire said every woman needs a strong Bob. So for 50% of my clients that read Marie Claire we loped off 8 inches. Then in five weeks time, when they arrived for their reshaping, they were ready to grow it out or cut it off, because the opposition said otherwise.

Now Is So Yesterday

Predicting trends, especially fall trends, was next to impossible in the past decades. Then came Instagram. Do you want to talk about something completely reinventing an industry? Let me give you an example, on Tuesday when I cut a shattered bob and posted the picture on Instagram I guarantee you the next day someone cut a shattered bob with a long fringe. Then on day three of the shattered bob with the long fringe, now became a sliced through with an asymmetrical fringe starting above the eyebrow. Later on day four of the shattered bob with an asymmetrical fringe transforms into sliced layers going through the perimeter of it and so on…

Worry About Your Craft, Not The Algorithm

The point I’m trying to make is hair is evolving so fast at this point, because of social media, but  mostly in part of Instagram if you are not on top of your game, constantly studying, then you’ll soon be out of that game. I always loved the quote:

“Live in the past and get left behind.”

This has never been more true in the hair industry. The day of doing what you did one year ago is over.

AnyBody Can Reach The Stars

I remember when I was a young buck in the hair world there were these hair gods you looked up to. The unreachable overpaid stylists with celebrity heavy books that you felt you would never become. However, Instagram is creating the new stars in the industry.

Insta Famous Around The Block

I literally have an Instagram monster who’s salon is less than a half a block away from mine. She used Instagram to put the cart before the horse. She showed her talent organically, gaining a following of 100,000+ and then  was picked up by a hip cool color company. They came to her. Instagram is a powerful tool. So being a 47-year-old hairdresser that did not grow up in the age of social media, I had a lot of learning to do quick. Today, with my phone glued to my hand 18 hours a day, I try to figure out how to get local views and where to put my work, so the most influential people can see it.

Why Effort Is Attractive?

Why Effort Is Attractive?

100% Effort Is Attractive

Sometimes something as simple as a sentence or a quote catches your attention and sticks with you for a moment. As someone that struggles with ADHD, having something keeping my attention for longer than a TV commercial is a success. With a wandering mind, I do take in a lot of information, may be more than most, but only process a tenth of it.

So, when I heard the quote “Effort is Attractive” that’s the one that gained the 10% for that day.

A Diamond In The Rough

There’s something extremely sexy about watching an individual put so much effort into the process of honing a craft, whether it’s being a philanthropist, fashionista, or even just relating to another soul. Being a hairstylist for the past 20 years, I’ve witnessed many instances of very low effort displayed in one’s career. But every once in a while, every few years, I’ll catch an individual from a distance not being affected by the atmosphere around them. Instead the person is completely undistracted in their attempt to make a connection with an individual or just to display the work they have immersed themselves in for 10,000+ hours. Effort is sexy.  

The Future Is Female

The world I live in is mostly dominated by females. So I get to see something different than most. Daily I get to witness the strong independent female. Proudly, I get to have a guest spot in their amazing lives, while secretly prying for knowledge to further my own cause. I wish I could let these individuals know how much I’m indebted to their badass approach to life. But for now I’ll just keep quiet and absorb.

Alex The Great

Alex The Great

Alexandra Donovan the Great

It didn’t take more than five seconds to come up with the subject for my first blog entry. Without this person, my professional and personal life would be far less than what it is now. My business partner, and more so my life partner, Alexandra Donovan, is credited for my beautiful seven year old twins, Dante and Valentina, our well oiled machine of a household, and our adolescent, but thriving business, Derek the Salon.

From her traditional Italian upbringing to her 12 years behind the chair doing hair, she has come up with her version of core values and work ethic like any I’ve yet to see matched. I remember the day, four years ago, when she told me it was time for me to step out on my own and create my own team. Her exact words were,

“You’re peaking. You won’t get much hotter in the industry. Do it now or do it after the next hot stylist comes to town.”

Let Greatness Be

Honestly, I was just thrilled she thought I was hot. Lol. So, the design of the space began. The design, the layout, and the all-around general feel is her doing, because a wise person told me,

“Let her do her thing, she knows you better than you know you.”

With very little pushback by me, I let her do her thing. If you’ve never stepped into a salon or whether you get your hair done or not, you need to see the rather flawless design that Alexandra created. In the past few weeks, we’ve unofficially announced the opening of our second Derek the Salon in Lakewood Ranch.

It’s Good To Know Her

Once again the force known as Alexandra Donovan is on fire with a multitude of ideas that no one has yet seen. If you ever get a chance to see Alex in action, whether it be five days a week at the gym, running a household, taking the twins back-and-forth to school, or helping to manage one and soon to be two hair salons, you’re in for a sweet treat. Moreover, you’re missing out if you haven’t met Alexandra the Great.